Single Page Application SDKs for Crownpeak DXM

Native Crownpeak DXM support for React, Vue.JS or Angular developers - potentially saving days of work!

In 2019, I wrote a post about how to harness Crownpeak DXM to deliver a Single Page Application (SPA) using React. In this post, I explained the rationale behind why a developer might choose this technology and provided a high-level walk-through of the typical steps that a developer might need to undertake - both to build a React application but then to "port" the application into DXM. DXM has always allowed developers to choose any language, technology, or framework and deliver that content anywhere in the world (thanks to DXM's Decoupled Content Deployment Architecture). However, it has always taken "additional work" to give the content author the capabilities they need (e.g., real-time preview, in-line ("on-the-glass") and drag & drop editing capabilities.

Last Summer, Crownpeak introduced the SPA SDKs for DXM. Crownpeak initially built the SDKs for the three main SPA frameworks (i.e., React, Vue.JS and Angular). In doing so, the frameworks all had the same two purposes: 1) To seamlessly "wire up" the SPA to data provided by DXM, either statically or dynamically; and 2) To generate all of the DXM configuration required to support the authoring capabilities described earlier. The latter purpose stands the SDKs apart from any other provider's offering - the ability to iterate through an application, identify everything required to support the content author, and automatically generate it all (i.e., templates, components, models, etc.) - potentially saving days of work! Crownpeak DXM SDK for SPAs - Architecture Diagram

The SDKs are written using Node and released as packages on NPMJS, and the source code is made available on GitHub under the MIT License.

All you need to get started is access to the SDKs and a DXM Instance. Crownpeak has released examples of all three SPA framework versions of the SDK (using Procam - the demonstration site). These are available on GitHub as a "quick start".

Crownpeak also released a 20-minute video back in March, showing how to get started with the React SDK. Although focused on React, the process is identical to Vue.JS or Angular developers. The video is available on their YouTube Channel (embedded below).

Suppose you're a front-end developer wanting to work with a SPA framework and CMS for your next project. Why not take a look at the Crownpeak offerings - not only will you love the native feel of the implementation, but your content authors will thank you for giving them the "on the glass" features that will empower them to do more, quicker!